Large African Mining Company in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe


Aerial mapping of 8000Ha of land for topographic assessment and exploration


Topographic Maps, High Resolution Orthomosaic Maps, Digital Terrain Models, Google Earth Overlays & Bathymetric Surveys of Mining Pits.


A large gold mining company that was reopening and expanding, required geodata and inspection of their three main processing sites for planning purposes. The client engaged Scout Aerial Africa in a project that covered 8,000Ha of mine land and claims. This was undertaken over a two week period.

We provided detailed topographic maps showing contours, plant infrastructure and buildings, housing, and all other relevant ground features. High-resolution orthomosaic maps and google earth overlay KMLs were also provided to show land coverage over their 3 mine sites and exploration areas. Other deliverables were digital terrain models and digital surface models.

Scout Aerial Africa also conducted bathymetric surveys over several mine pits on the sites to calculate the volume of water needed to be pumped out and to produce surface models of the underwater terrain and underwater topographic maps detailing the depths of the pits.

Aerial Operation Blocks
Digital Surface Model
Topographic Map
Bathymetry Topographic Map
Google Earth KML Overlay
Orthomosaic Map
Digital Terrain Model
Bathymetric Assessment of a Mining Pit
Bathymetry Google Overlay
Ops team on location
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