SAAZ in Marondera, Zimbabwe


GIS and Remote Sensing Solutions


Tree Count, Area Coverage, Tree Health, Weed Coverage, Object Classification and Canopy Mapping


In collaboration with Sustainable Afforestation Association of Zimbabwe, Scout Aerial Africa specialists in Remote Sensing have conducted aerial survey in order to count the number of eucalyptus trees and their area coverage at  Holton Farm.

Monitoring of forest land has been identified as a major concern across the globe. Using our remotely piloted aircraft systems mounted with multispectral sensors we were able to provide efficient monitoring solutions by giving the results for the population, health and height of the eucalyptus trees in the farm.  A Digital Height Model was extracted from the data, showing the height of the trees and object-based classification was conducted to identify the trees types and the weeds in the area.

Multispectral composite was used to clearly identify trees from the remotely sensed images and a tree count algorithm later on used to count trees from the remotely sensed images. Farmers are able to estimate yield, growth rates, plant health indication, harvest expectations and canopy mapping from this information.

This information is useful for management and critical decision making specifically for lumbering and natural forest preservation.


Holton 7.95 ha 11339 trees

Holton tree coverage
Holton Digital Height Model
Holton Weed Coverage
Plant Population Count for Holton
Holton Object Classification showing the trees in the farm
Holton Digital Height Model
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