Scout Aerial Africa offers the ultimate solution in large and small scale mapping and surveying.

Traditional systems for mapping and surveying make use of satellite imagery or a land surveying professional. These traditional methods are extremely costly, time consuming and limited in application as they are easily affected by weather and cloud cover.

RPAS surveys offer a much more reliable and accurate means of capturing data. We can map large scale areas in a short time frame with an accuracy of up to 2cm.

Our RPAS surveying services include:

  • Remote sensing and photogrammetry (aerial survey) – providing digital surface models
  • Surveying & mapping of natural disasters – earthquakes, storms and hurricanes, floods and flood damage, landslides, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanic eruptions
  • Surveying, management and mapping of catastrophes – plane crashes, train crashes, car crashes, bush fires etc
  • Surveying and mapping of vegetation cover, forestry, farm land, plant growth or devastation
  • Coastal and tidal mapping
  • Mapping of industrial zones and excavation sites
  • Mapping of the spread of algae, and water weedsa
  • Mapping and surveying for Precision agriculture
  • Geophysical mapping
  • And more!

Precision Agriculture

Farming has always been an extremely difficult business; being heavily reliant on external forces out of one’s control; farmers have to manage their crops as closely as possible to ensure success. Using our latest, high tech agricultural RPA systems, we can reduce some of the guess work and make farming somewhat easier for the modern farmer. Capitalizing on the accuracy and efficiency of our RPAS we can offer you:

Mid season crop health monitoring – The ability to inspect huge fields of crops already in the ground, using Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) and Near Infrared (NIR) sensors, one can easily monitor crops for changes and adjust for any eventualities. Ultimately reducing inputs, streamlining the crop life cycle and massively increasing outputs.

Irrigation equipment monitoring – Once crops are thriving, actual inspections of irrigation equipment becomes tedious; a simple flight over the fields to inspect the operation of such equipment can help to easily identify and prevent any failures. Saving the farmer time and money.

Weed identification – Using our RPAS systems makes it easier to identify trouble areas within fields. Previously hard to access areas in the center of large fields are now just a simple flight and scout away. Weed control has never been easier.

Variable Rate Fertility – scouting fields using our RPAS makes it easy to process the NDVI results – ultimately identifying troublesome areas where increased fertilization of the crop may be a requirement. Pinpointing these troublesome areas increases efficiency by reducing the need to over-fertilize already flourishing areas within a field. Reducing inputs and boosting yields. Every farmers dream!

Monitoring of animal husbandry – using our RPAS technology one can actively monitor large herds of farm animals – cattle, sheep, goats, horses etc. One can easily track and monitor herd activity on both large and small scale properties.