Scout Aerial Africa provides high resolution aerial land cover and land use services for the effective monitoring,  planning and management of environmental resources. This includes monitoring water resources, forestry, soil erosion, farmland usage , and illegal building structures.

High resolution Land cover classification maps, tree canopy height maps, tree health maps, and tree stump estimates.

We supply the company with high resolution multi-spectral drone imagery (5cm resolution) as well as high resolution land cover maps to monitor their forests. We also include Digital terrain models which are used to monitor erosion and digital surface models for tree canopy heights.

We provide the client with detailed reports on levels of deforestation, afforestation and reforestation that has taken place in their areas of interest. We also monitor forest fires which heavily affect biomass density levels.


Carbon Green Africa


Aerial Survey


High resolution multi-spectral drone imagery (5cm resolution), land cover maps, digital terrain models and digital surface models

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