We are pioneering the way for advanced precision agriculture and Greenfuel is Scout Aerial’s biggest operation to date with the ongoing yield mapping of 21 000 Ha of sugar cane, ground data collection (Temperature, EC’s, Moisture) and the integration with a custom online farm management platform.

Producing Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data, we have developed a system that assists the farmer with yield forecasts, soil assessments and pest and disease control. Interpretation of the data and the adoption of advanced Precision Agriculture, allows us to generate effective management plans, saving on input costs and maximising outputs year round.

Additional to the yield mapping, our emergency response team was commissioned to assess a flood affected area, the relocation area and the suitability for up to 5000 households. After completion, urban utility mapping was conducted in order to specify household boundaries and provide an initial survey for planning and development (roads, bridges and housing)

The client uses this data for:

  • Yield assessments
  • Pest detection
  • Diease assessment and control
  • Precision spraying
  • Land development and water (Drainage and gravity systems)


Green Fuel


Aerial Survey


Yield Mapping 9 000Ha of Sugarcane, Flood Assessment Mapping 9000Ha, Urban Utility Mapping 3000 Households

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