Traveling to Northern Sudan on a trip to capture Aerial Media for yet another international TV production; the location was the site of the ancient Nubian Pyramids of Meroë.

Not as well known as the pyramids of Egypt, these pyramids were definitely off the beaten path. Some 100km North of Khartoum the journey took us some 4hours to arrive.

The Kushites built these pyramids near the banks of the Nile some 800 years after the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were built. With similar architecture they were used as tombs to house the kings and queens of Napata and Meroë.

The task and focus was to capture the beauty, history and shear scale of these ancient pyramids also revealing their location – the middle of the desert just near the Nile. Filming took place over two days and a variety of shots were captured for use within the documentary. 


International Production house for a USA TV Network


Aerial Cinematography