Lafarge in Harare, Zimbabwe


Site Mapping, Stockpile identification


Topographic Maps, High Resolution Orthomosaic Maps, Digital Terrain Models, Google Earth Overlays & Bathymetric Surveys of Mining Pits.


At Scout Aerial Africa we conduct surveys to determine the volume of material stockpiles, amount of cut and fill from excavations, the capacity of water bodies and the amount of space left at landfills. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Scout Aerial Africa captures digital data of the site and the imagery is brought into GIS and Remote Sensing software for further processing to produce 3D models of the site from which volumes are to be determined. We calculate stockpile volumes as well as quarry extraction volumes and landfill capacity volumes that allow you to manage your projects more effectively.

Lafarge is a leader in cement production and supply across the globe. It is crucial for them to monitor their stockpiles and excavations as a measure of production. Scout Aerial Africa carries out the monthly volumetric surveys for Lafarge Zimbabwe.

We are able to provide clients with highly detailed volumetric survey reports indicating the location and volume of each stockpile on site. Part of the deliverables include:

  • Georeferenced ortho-rectified imagery
  • Orthomosaics
  • Comprehensive volumetric assessments
  • Topographic Maps

The team is able to meet the client’s needs on time and at the same time, every month,  maintaining our high standard of accuracy.

Stockpile Identification From Orthomosaic
3D Model of a stockpile on site
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