Scout Aerial Africa provides high resolution clutter data for wireless network propagation. The telecommunication industry has been driven to provide better network coverage while reducing costs due to the increasing competitive nature of the market.

In order to optimise network coverage, the best locations have to be identified for Base Stations and other Transmitters. High resolution clutter classes are significant for the accurate propagation and optimization of wireless networks. Signal loss prediction models can be rendered according to the characteristics of the land cover and terrain. Due to the high demand for 3D geodata for networks such as 3G and 4G, there is an increased demand for accurate high resolution clutter data.

We supply high resolution multi-spectral drone imagery (5cm resolution)  as well as high resolution clutter maps, digital terrain models and digital surface models for the wireless industry.  This allows wireless network operators to increase their coverage at the lowest possible cost.


Wireless Networks Zimbabwe


High resolution clutter for wireless network propagation


Digital terrain models, digital surface models, land cover data.

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