Patrick Weeden

Founder & Director

Patrick is the founder of the Scout Aerial Group of companies. Having begun Scout Aerial Media and Surveying in Australia he has since expanded the group to include Scout Aerial Systems, Scout Aerial Africa and Scout Green.

Patrick was born in Zimbabwe and has had a unique exposure to operations in Africa and Australia. With diverse experience in the field, he brings with him a keen understanding of project integration and safety system development.

He is extremely passionate about the RPAS industry, particularly the applications for improving processes and using this technology to create change for the better. Scout Aerial is now recognised as an industry leader in Remote Sensing solutions for a broad customer base.

Batsi Gwata

Director & Remote Sensing Specialist

Batsi is a Remote Sensing Specialist and Director at Scout Aerial Africa. He has 2 degrees, one in Environmental Sciences and the other in Computer Sciences as well as a post-graduate degree in Remote Sensing and GIS.

With over 12 years of commercial experience in providing Geodata and Remote Sensing solutions for various industries globally including Telecoms, Water and Environmental Management, Urban and Rural Planning, Agriculture, and Mining it is no wonder that he feels so at home…at home.

Batsi presented his research on 4G/LTE cellular networks in Hyderabad at the Geospatial World Forum in January 2011 where he received an award from Digital Globe, a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery products and services.  This was in recognition for his outstanding research. In April 2012, his research was presented at the USA Security and Defense Conference in Baltimore by Dr Giovanni Marchisio, Director of Digital Globe. This led to his decision to pioneer the digital age in Zimbabwe, where he sees the impact that remote sensing technology has in all fields and more importantly, the potential synergies that can and will be born through this technology.

Marc Thompson

General Manager

Marc has a wealth of experience operating in the Zimbabwean business environment where even in the most trying times his versatility has seen the potential in numerous business opportunities and succeeded.

With 12 years of experience across a spectrum of sectors, a cool temperament and proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities has seen his businesses grow both in Zimbabwe and Regionally.

Marc is driven, structured and sees the synergies between business and technology in a very temperamental business environment that will see Scout Aerial Africa soaring to new unexplored heights.

Adam Wooler

Operations Manager

Adam was born in South Africa but is an adventurer at heart having travelled throughout Africa, Australia, America, South America and Europe. His love for the environment combined with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering made the decision to explore the fast-paced and disruptive RPAS Surveying industry an easy one.

His belief is that this technology can be used as a tool for monitoring and conserving Africa’s natural resources.  Adam has a “live on the edge” ideology which, incorporated with key management skills, means that his role overseeing operations in Africa is a sound fit and this makes him instrumental in developing Scout Aerial Africa’s footprint and vision to be seen as the industry standard in RPAS technology and innovation.

Tatenda Mafushwa

Technical Sales Consultant

Tatenda is an avid drone enthusiast with an extensive background in land survey.  From architecture to production, this passion for disruptive technologies coupled with a BSc. Honours Degree in Geo-Informatics and Surveying has helped him gain international work experience in cadastral and engineering surveying.

A driven individual with high-level computer skills including a variety of Geospatial analysis and management software tools. He is a very competent drone pilot with up-top experience using fixed wing and multirotors as well as high-end image processing software. Tatenda is very passionate about RPAS technology and its broad applications in Remote Sensing and Cinematic Aerial Videography and sees himself being part of a team of pioneers in Zimbabwe, from piloting to policy.

Terence Tarusida

Chief Surveyor

Terence is a conservationist at heart.  A keen traveller and problem solver, who’s interest GIS stems from the subject not being constrained to just one field.  He has an Honours Degree in Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe. Using this knowledge base, he has built a portfolio of experience working on Cadastral and Engineering survey projects all over Africa. He has proven to be an integral member of the team, both practically and administratively.

Terence is passionate about becoming a pioneer in the GIS community, expanding its appreciation by individuals and institutions on a global scale. He believes that through the use of spatial information, organisations can achieve their business goals and improve their decision making, another example of synergy between business and technology.

Kudzai Sadzauchi

GIS Manager

An intrepid traveler whose fascination with Geography and technology have led to him studying an Honours degree in Geographical Information Science and Earth Observation at the University of Zimbabwe.

He is passionate about the RPAS industry and is eager to develop his skills in the application of GIS & Remote Sensing, and how it can help businesses improve their effectiveness.  Kudzai feels that innovation in this field will lead to a better understanding of geography.

He manages the GIS team where he is instrumental in providing technical support and guidance, ensuring that all of our products meet client specifications and keeping the wheels turning. Kudzai is working towards becoming a pioneer in GIS technologies in Zimbabwe.

Kudzai has a wealth of experience in all aspects of aerial surveying, bathymetric surveys, building topographic maps and related cartographic materials which are mainly used in the mining industry and for precision agriculture.

Melody Tsekeni

GIS Technician

Geography has always been Melody’s forte.  Utilising this to her full advantage, her versatility has seen her become a spatial technology one-stop shop. Integrating remote sensing technology with her passion for GIS, she deals with Cartography, Modelling, Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing, Database Management Systems and Global Positioning Systems.

From a very young age she has had a passion for the environment and our ability to manage its sustainability, handling Environmental Systems Analysis and Environmental Impact Assessments for our customers. She hopes to become a leader in the environmental sciences field, a pioneer for the positive impact on our environment, using technology to accomplish those goals.

Paul Chingombe

GIS Technician

Paul has fervency towards geography and feels that technology has, amongst other things, improved our ability to learn more about it.  He believes that this technology has streamlined the analysis comprehensiveness.  He specialises in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Bathymetry survey using Sonar and is extremely passionate about Geographic information system software programming, creating integrations between GIS data and Spatial Data Analysis.

Paul also has a keen interest in GIS Data processing, with a focus on cartography. Using the data obtained from photogrammetry and GIS analysis, he believes that we will find the answers to many of the unexplained geographical questions that exist.

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